Wind Trails.

I will always keep you within.'s snowing in hokkaido here.As I look through the window,those falling snow flakes just brings back memories,not that I've encountered it before,this is my first time though,wearing a japanese outfit and sitting on the lounge to blog,it's been so long since I've blogged,I've been so lazy and killing myself in games,the main reason was just to let go and forget everything that's hurtful to me.

I'm fine..yea I'm fine..just need some time to chill out...this sudden emo-ness just strikes me without a warning or anything,just hate how it feels man.I want to grab onhold to the past back,I missed everyone that came and went off just like a breezing wind,under an oak tree,where I sat down and quietly asked myself,where are you?Finding yourself eh?nah...its enough..I've think i rather go to bed since I'm quite tired after a whole day trip to japan here,maybe I will continue whats the kinky parts that happened to me recently in my life.

merry x mas sunshines.:)

Today was a freaking weird day,I did most weird stuffs today. =? Okay,let's start with the tabulate data way!NONO..I will stick back to the listing way to make things simple as possible.-_-

1.I set 2 alarms both at 6.30am and 9.30am.
2.I end up waking up 7.00 am but I skipped school.
3.I got diarrhea.:(
4.I need to go back to school for MUET presentation.(Worse case scenario=No preparation at all!)
5.Went to Kbox after finish presentation.
6.Overslept for tuition.

Kay done.

So basically,I went to chill out in "Moven Peak" at Greentown yesterday night after youth service worship practice.Had chit-chat with friends and of course,I nearly got drunk.What a maroon.=/ But luckily consciousness still remains within me.Got home and set 2 alarm for myself the next day,cause I had already planned to skip school.The next morning,I end up waking up at 7am plus due to the 6.30am alarm kept on ringing,SHIT.Online-ed awhile and of course,texted my classmate and confirm the time for today's MUET presentation,and I have appointment with friends at Kbox after that.

So it was like this,the MUET presentation,I felt sucks.WHY?Cause I was freaking nervous,plus the slide prepared and the paper sheet on my hand are two different world.I was like..OH SHIT..and I paused a bit,with some minor mistakes and stuff..ARGH..and worse is that I messed up with my points!So So So So horrible,ah well..just hope that we can get the best among the biology classes.Jeez.

Let's see,after that my friend texted me we will be going to Jusco's Kbox and I was like WTF cause I parked my car near Ipoh Parade's Kbox and oh well..I rushed to there in time and got my self a nice parking spot.I also postponed my music lesson to tomorrow morning due to insufficient time to reach home.Nah oh well,after that I took a nap and started my tuition class until JUST only now..didn't notice time flies when I really put my effort in doing my academic works.:)

Right now,I'm bored to death although I'm sitting in front of the desktop facing the wide monitor screen which is so freaking BRIGHT.Thats why I decided to blog.I'm really into weird and gooky stuff recently.Life's changed.I'm myself back.Just for now,there's still some Hiccup which can never be solved unless one side give in to another or what-so-ever.

*Deep sigh*

Things seriously ain't going to the right way,nor the wrong way.These are really the minor obstacles in LIFE.Sometimes what past is past,you'd just have to leave everything behind.Some good moments also have to be thrown off,to prevent yourself from reverting back.Till the end,it comes back to the same question:"When will things ever get back to normal,like that dream never exist before?"

10th of October 2010

Awesome indeed,when I turn my eyes towards the needle of the clock,it's 11.51 p.m,nine more minutes to the next day.How funny it is,that time flies indeed,two weeks had passed,everything had die down,everything starts to fade away,like the mist.Within these days,although nothing happened,yet,once in awhile there's a sigh,that recalls a small portion of the past events back.

How long will I have to give that ignorant look to these few people,it hurts deep inside,that the past can't exist in the present,it hurts from outside,that we do not know what the future will be.There won't be much left until both of us really get back to normal,those wonderful moments,can't be bought by gold nor silver.

It's kinda cold now,parents kept nagging me to go to bed,four more minutes to twelve.Yesterday was Sixth form night,everyone dressed well and the performance was good,cheer up for those who didn't make it for the prize and congratulations to the winners and everyone who had put a lot of effort for the performance.It does really draws a class together,to be united,that's the way it should be.:) Tomorrow,is a start of a new day again,two and a half weeks more to final term exam,will I make it?Pray...definitely will.Gonna start off with my books and assignments as soon as possible.

Last,I thanked you.

The wind is blowing strongly,
All I heard were whispers,
How is that possible,that people can be so weird?
And till times,they just give the excuse they are like that?
How is that really possible?
When you really go for it,It ended up with a solemn scene?
Practically,just let it blow
Until it reaches your doorsteps,
So that those moments never fade,
And both of us will always remember what we search for,
Nothing complicated,just happen daily,
One question,will you ever take the first step for it?
This is it,
And as time grows,we need each other more,
Last,let the wind change us...


No...It's still too early yet..
Those thoughts within my mind
Just don't wana fade away
I hate this feeling
Once again
It's just not enough
I ain't putting effort
No..How..How...What is lacking?
This is freaky,this is spooky..
I just feel dark,down..
This ain't me too...I ain't like this
I just wish to close my eyes everytime...
NO NO..NO NO...this is really my own fault
How am I gonna redeem back...
It's empty...
No...I know the solution..but it's hard
Harder than anything else..
I need a change for once..


Which path,which path,which path.....

As I close my eyes,which direction you're pointing for me to move on,as I'm in dilemma,what can I do?Even if time passes,whats the meaning within it anymore?

I pray hardly,faithfully,take or not take,stand or move,which one will be better?

One road that leads to unknown results,its dark,its perfect,filled with gems,and gold,silver,so on,and that everyone will choose to take.But it's a road worthful,if the willingness to spent time and adore it fully exist.

The other road that had been laid in front of me,gems nor silver nor gold it contains,only filled with concerns and heart,but theres something lack within this road,if i take this path,theres lot of things that need to be changed,i would have to stand up and change others also.

Dots dots dots dots dots my final decision awakens,i will leave it to the almighty One to choose for me,for the mean time,just let the river of life flow according to its path,theres no need for me to purposely make a change and dig some other paths for it.

At last,I thank you for the sweet memories,even though it wasn't long,for that short time,you and I both had loved each other fully,and it had been poured out unconditionally..Believe me,I will cherish those moments,just like how you did..

Life is fleeting.
Not until you see your fugaciousness, you see that every day, every hour even every moment is a gift , a gift you can only open for one time.
A gift that can delight you only one time.
You find out that workaday issues basically do not have a real importance.
You will find out that you should capitalise every day, every hour and every moment, because no moment comes back.

The life, every day, every hour, every moment is a gift, because we are all fading.
Along the line we all will end to exist and could not ask ourselves "what if..."


Adios & Nights.

*continue from title


*Ting tong ting tong ting tong ting tong ting tong*

Self project work started,preparing a gift,maybe not,just some thing i wana give up as appreciation.

*Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock*

What will the ending be then?I prefer....*pika poka pika poka*



This is my prayer to you O Lord My God,Please,strengthen me and make me to have faith and put my trust in you Lord,for when my mind is so messed up now , I really hope the path I'm taking now will be the correct way you're leading me now,I pray it with all my heart,and all my soul,for only you can bring me peace,which I longs for it,every single time I close my eyes and think of it,but I end up with a slight smile,I pray....

Another day has gone, and frankly got worst day by day.I'm trying my best to make each day of mine a delightful one,but still in vain.Guess just have to be patience at times like this.

Well let's see,todays' program was simple,i had to reach school by seven in the morning for CF meeting but i end up at school at seven thirty and tio LEWAT.Jeez.-_- And then i went to discipline room to report to the teacher that i wasn't able to cut my hair yesterday due to the saloon was not doing any business,then we had our first chemistry PEKA which was quite funny cause we did it dam fast and end up playing in the chemi lab,the teacher was like..."this fellas...=__=" LOL and then we went back to class and switched on our notebooks cause everyone thought the MUET research deadline was today,most of us were worried and luckily teacher said the deadline postponed to this Friday,then we were like end up facebook-ing in the library and we laughed's like we gossip bout this and that,i can felt that most eyes were on us due to the disturbance we had caused.

Next,my friend and I got home quite late cause both of us attended a meeting with the principal and some other teachers,wasn't horrible but super funny.Most of the teachers were jokers,lols.Then i set home and had a change of clothes and went to the saloon for haircut,now my hair..SHORT...GAH nevermind..takes time to grow least its back to the shape like last year which i wanted so badly..:D!Now both my eyes are tired but i still need to wrap up some of my paperwork for MUET and music theory for yeah..guess i'll just have to end it here.Thats all for today


I found the place,caught in open arms
When love's embrace,mends a broken heart.